Halsketten mit Piercingverschlüssen

Hier sehen Sie einige Halsketten zum Einhängen an Brustpiercings und Intimpiercings in Silber und Gold.

Collection: Necklaces with Piercing Closures

We like the idea of arranging a 'normal' necklace in such a way that there is an erotic connection to the breasts or intimate area.

And with a clever combination with the neckline of the top, you have the option of hinting at this connection or presenting it in an obvious and frivolous way.

There are many people who consider necklaces with piercing clasps to be an erotic addition to their jewellery style. The idea of designing a 'normal' necklace to attach to the chest or genital area is an exciting way for many to express their sexuality and individuality.

Some people prefer subtle designs that only vaguely hint at where the link is, while others opt for pendants that present the link in a more obvious and striking way.

A clever combination with the neckline of the top of the garment can enhance the link. If the necklace is positioned to hang between the breasts or at the navel, it can be an exciting eye-catcher and capture the imagination of the viewer.

Of course, it is important to remember that these necklaces are meant to be an expression of personality and individuality. It can be an exciting way to express your sexuality and jewellery style in a unique and personal way.