Facts about Tourmalines


Tourmalines are a large group of chemically very complex ring silicates. However, not all members of this group are suitable as gemstones. Elbaites in particular have the qualities that make Tourmalines so popular. They occur in all the colours of the rainbow, sometimes even several colours in a single crystal.


Rubellite is the umbrella term for Elbaites that show a red hue due to the influence of manganese. This can range from a pale pink to a deep, intense red. Unlike other elbaites, even the highest quality rubellites often contain small inclusions.




Blue elbaites are called indigolite. Pure blue is relatively rare. Almost always there are additional colours that give the gemstone an exciting character. The famous Paraiba tourmalines, which have a typical blue-green colour due to the influence of copper, are also indigolites.



Green Elbaites are the tourmalines with perhaps the widest range of colours. It ranges from a pale lime green to a soft bottle green to a strong olive green. Even darker specimens have a very high luminescence.


CRISTAL SHAPE: usually columnar or acicular
Origin: Brazil, Afghanistan, USA, Central Africa