Sustainability & Fairtrade

As a family business founded in 1949, we are committed to sustainability. Instead of short-term profit optimisation, we focus on long-term success and a respectful and fair treatment of our customers, our suppliers and nature.

Because we care about where gold comes from and the conditions under which it is mined, we have been using recycled gold for many years, i.e. gold recovered from gold that has already been processed (old jewellery, dental gold, etc.). The refinery we work with is a member of the RJC ( and complies with LBMA guidelines (

Since June 2016 we are also a registered Fairtrade Goldsmith Partner. We would be delighted to create your individual piece of FAIRTRADE gold jewellery. You can also find us on the FAIRTRADE website

Our wedding ring manufacturer, Nowotny Collection Ruesch in Vienna, offers their own collection of FAIRTRADE gold. FAIRTRADE gold is processed separately and is physically traceable from the certified mine to the final consumer and is marked with the FAIRTRADE gold hallmark.

The 5th "C" of diamonds - Conflict

When it comes to diamonds, we only buy stones that are guaranteed to come from conflict-free sources as defined by the UN Resolution. In 2002, the diamond industry adopted the Kimberley Process ( to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds. Today, more than 99% of all diamonds traded globally are certified conflict free. The Kimberley Process currently has 54 participants, representing 80 countries. All EU countries are listed as participants.

As a result of our long history since 1949, we have developed long-term relationships with suppliers who can guarantee the conflict-free origin of your stones, including coloured stones.

We will continue to do everything in our power to take responsibility for an intact environment and the fair coexistence of people.