Labrets / Labret-Stecker

Der Name Labret leitet sich aus dem Lateinischen von labrum ab, was Lippe bedeutet. Das Piercing an der Unterlippe wird mit Ausnahme des Eskimo-Piercings als Labret-Piercing bezeichnet, an der Oberlippe findet man die Bezeichnungen Madonna-Piercing und auch Medusa-Piercing.

Collection: Labret Plug

The name Labret is derived from the Latin labrum, which means lip. With the exception of the Eskimo piercing, the piercing on the lower lip is called a labret piercing, and on the upper lip one finds the designations Madonna piercing and Medusa piercing.

Labret piercings are usually placed very prominently on the face and are therefore very noticeable. With our handmade Labret Plug you have the right jewellery.
Use of the Labret Plug

The labret Plug is mainly used for lip piercings, but also very popular for ear piercings as well as for the nose. Labret studs are also very popular as ear studs, because the plate does not press uncomfortably, unlike an ear stud.

Construction of the labret stud

A Labret Plug consists of a plate with a piercing bar on one side and a locking ball or stud with an internal thread on the other. Due to this shape the Labret Plug provides the necessary support in the area of the lip piercing and is comfortable to wear.

The piercing rod usually has a thickness of 1.2 or 1.6 mm, but can also be made by us in other thicknesses. In our goldsmith's workshop we often make labret studs with a thickness of 1.0 mm for the ear area or stronger labret rods with a thickness of 2.0 mm or 2.4 mm for stretched labret piercings.

Materials used for our Labret Plug

The handmade Labret Plug are made in our goldsmith's workshop in yellow gold 750/000, red gold 750/000 and white gold 750/000. Some studs are set with diamonds and precious stones such as emeralds and rubies.
Your design options with our Labret Plug.

The Labret Plug shown here are just a small selection of the Labret Plug we make. If you have a specific requirement, we will make an enquiry for you and you can always bring in your own ideas. You can also customise the size, thickness, gold colour and, if available, the gemstone for each piece of jewellery shown here.

Alternatives to the straight Labret Plug

If you prefer something a little different to a straight Labret Plug, then clamp ball rings, segment rings and horseshoe rings are all good choices. Whatever you choose, we are sure to have the right jewellery for you.