Schmuck mit Edelsteinen

Hier finden Sie unseren Smuck mit Edelsteinen wie z.B. Korund (RubinSafir), Smargagd, Morganit usw.

Collection: Jewelry with gemstones

Coloured gemstones have fascinated mankind since the Stone Age and are a wonderful way to add a personal and unique touch to our high quality jewellery.

Gemstones are characterised not only by their beauty, but also by their rarity and hardness (a gemstone is defined as being harder than 7 on the Mohs' scale).

In addition to the more familiar ones, such as corundum, with its variants sapphire and ruby, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine and garnet, there are also lesser-known ones, such as gold beryl, morganite and garnet, to name but a few.

Here are the most important ones in brief, with links to further information.

Corundum is one of the most beautiful and expensive gemstones. The colourless corundum is transformed into the coveted ruby by the addition of aluminium oxide and a little chromium, which give it its colour. Other elements such as iron, titanium etc. give the corundum all other colours except red, then it is called sapphire.

For more information please visit our Corundum page.

Beryl is one of the most beautiful gemstones. If it has a beautiful green colour, it is called an emerald. If the colour is a beautiful blue, it is called an aquamarine. All other colours in this group are called precious beryl.

You can find more information on our Beryl page.

Tourmalines are a fascinating group of gemstones that come in all the colours of the rainbow. Their special colouring and sometimes multiple colours within one crystal make these gemstones unique.

Visit our Tourmalines page to find out more.

Pure quartz is colourless and is called quartz crystal.

The purple variety of quartz is called amethyst. Although amethysts are common, large and clear specimens suitable for use as gemstones are very rare.

The yellow quartz is called citrine and is derived from the Latin "citrus" meaning lemon. It has a beautiful yellow colour.

Agate is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral quartz. A striking feature of agate is its beautiful striated pattern due to rhythmic crystallisation.

You can find out more about quartz on our quartz crystals page.