Handgefertigte und maßgefertigte Halsbänder aus reinem Metall (Gold, Silber) und teilweise gemischt Gold bzw. Silber mit Kautschuk.

Collection: Collars


All our collars are handmade and made to measure to your specifications. We make the collars to fit your neck exactly, ensuring optimum comfort and a perfect fit. All collars are made in our goldsmith's workshop.
The importance of collars

Collars are worn around the neck both as a piece of jewellery and as an aid to bondage.
In BDSM, collars are worn by subs (the passive part). Apart from their use in bondage, they are also used to symbolise the willingness to submit or to belong to a Dom.

On some of the collars we have made it possible for the same piece of jewellery to be used for different purposes by using interchangeable elements. For example, the O-rings on these can be replaced with gemstones.
Materials used

We offer necklaces in pure metal (gold and silver) as well as gold or silver in combination with e.g. rubber. Some of the necklaces can also be worn with gemstones and diamonds.
How to measure your neck

Please measure your neck exactly with a tape measure. When ordering, you can specify the neck size of each collar and whether you want the collar to be tight or loose. We will then calculate the correct diameter of the collar. If you have any questions, please send us an enquiry.