Cleaning of jewellery

Cleaning piercing jewellery

Some tips for cleaning piercing jewellery.

This is about cleaning (removing dirt and debris) and not about disinfecting (making germs, viruses and fungi harmless) or sterilising (killing germs, viruses and fungi). The difference between disinfection and sterilisation is the probability of completely killing all micro-organisms, which is an order of magnitude higher.

Octenisept, Sterilium, etc. are disinfectants for skin and wounds, not for cleaning, disinfecting or even sterilising objects, for which there are separate instrument disinfectants or sterilisation procedures.

The best way to clean jewellery is to move it around in the shower. If there are deposits on the piercing bars, they should be removed and cleaned.

Denture cleansing tablets are an insider's tip for cleaning and disinfecting.

To remove calcium deposits from genital and tongue piercings, you can use an anti-calc or vinegar essence. If your jewellery is dull, use a jewellery cleaning cloth or jewellery polish. Important! Rinse your jewellery with water before putting it back on to remove any chemicals used.

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