In dieser Kategorie bieten wir Ihnen Piercings an, die wir speziell für den Intimbereich gefertigt haben.

Alle Intim-Piercings sind in unserer eigenen Goldschmiede-Werkstatt handgefertigt.

Collection: Intimate piercings

Intimate Piercings

Special piercing jewellery for the most intimate places. Are you looking for something special for yourself and your partner, for every day or just for special occasions, we have the most beautiful intimate piercings.

If you have any special requests, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

In this section we have put together various pieces of jewellery, handmade in our goldsmith's workshop, which are suitable for wearing on the body or as intimate piercings.

Due to the many different types of piercings, the selection is only a recommendation of the most commonly worn pieces of jewellery, which are more suitable than others in most cases due to anatomy.

If you have any questions about wearing jewellery, we will be happy to advise you.

Female Genital Piercings

Here you will find some information about jewellery for female genital piercings.
Clitoral foreskin piercing

This genital piercing is pierced through the clitoral hood in two different ways: either horizontally or vertically. Because of the two different stitches, different jewellery can be used for the piercing.

For the horizontal clitoral foreskin piercing, rings in different designs are ideally worn, such as clamp ball rings, segment rings or even horseshoe rings. A special piece of jewellery would be a piercing ring with a diamond.

For the vertical clitoral foreskin piercing bananas are very suitable, for example the piercing banana with morganite drops. Here you can see all our piercing bananas. A special variation of this piece of jewellery for lovers of the history of the "O" is the O piercing banana.

Labia Piercing

Labia piercings are divided into inner and outer labia piercings. For these labia piercings our piercing rings, segment rings and screw ball rings are very suitable, but also piercing dumbbells are suitable as jewellery. You can see all our piercing rings in the category "Piercing Rings".

Our handmade cuffs are an extravagant piece of jewellery for labia piercing.

Especially for labia piercings we offer our labia spreader bars and various pendants. We offer the "spreader bar two penises" and the "spreader bar handcuff".

Princess Albertina Piercing

The Princess Albertina piercing is a vertical intimate piercing that is not so often stitched and runs from the urethral opening to the vaginal opening. The name is derived from the male Prince Albert piercing. Normal clamp ball rings are suitable as jewellery, although some female wearers find segment rings much more comfortable.

Christina Piercing

A Christina piercing is a surface piercing that runs from the fold of the labia majora to the mons veneris. A PTFE bar should be used for the first piercing, after that a well fitted gold bar with all kinds of attachments is also very suitable. Send us an enquiry and we will be happy to recommend the right jewellery for you.

Fourchette Piercing

The term fourchette comes from the French and means 'fork'. The name is derived from the location of the piercing, which is at the junction between the vagina and the perineum. As jewellery for the fourchette piercing we recommend either a clamp ball ring, a segment ring or a banana.

Male genital piercings
Prince Albert Piercing

The Prince Albert Piercing starts at the urethra and goes through the lower wall of the penis. Normally it is pierced a little thicker and usually stretched. This is why we recommend our Clamp Ball Rings, Horseshoe Rings, Segment Rings and Screw Ball Rings. If your required thickness and diameter is not listed please email us or use the contact form and we will make you an offer.

Reverse Prince Albert Piercing

The reverse Prince Albert piercing starts at the urethra and goes through the upper wall of the penis. Like the Prince Albert piercing, it is pierced a little thicker and then usually stretched out.

Our recommendations for jewellery are also based on the Prince Albert piercing, where clamp ball rings, horseshoe rings, segment rings and screw ball rings are usually worn. If you do not see the size and diameter you require please email us or use the contact form and we will make you an offer.

Frenum or frenulum piercing

This intimate piercing runs horizontally under the foreskin frenulum. All variations of piercing balls and piercing rings are suitable as jewellery. Anything can be worn here, from normal clamp ball rings to segment rings and horseshoe rings.


The ampallang is pierced horizontally through the glans. Piercing dumbbells are primarily used for this piercing, but they should fit exactly. If the size you need is not included or you have special wishes, e.g. regarding the ball, please write us an e-mail or contact us via the contact form. We will make you an offer.


The Apadravya is a vertical piercing through the glans of the penis. The Apadravya piercing can be considered as a combination of Prince Albert piercing and Reverse Prince Albert. Also for this piercing, as for the closely related Ampallang piercing, a precisely fitted barbell is best suited. Please contact us via the contact form or by e-mail so that we can discuss the exact length and shape of the ball with you.

Hafada (Scrotum Piercing)

A hafada piercing is a piercing through the skin of the scrotum. If a man wears several hafada piercings symmetrically in a row, it is called a "scrotal ladder".
All types of piercing rings, including segment rings, horseshoe rings and piercing dumbbells can be worn as hafada piercings without any restrictions.
Lorum Piercing

The lorum piercing is pierced between the shaft of the penis and the scrotum and can be considered a variation of the frenulum piercing. The name is a portmanteau of "low" and "frenum". As with the frenulum piercing, all types of piercing rings, including segmented rings and horseshoe rings, as well as piercing dumbbells, are very suitable for the lorum piercing.
Pubic Piercing

A pubic piercing is a male genital piercing and belongs to the category of surface piercings. The pubic piercing is placed at the base of the penis and is pierced horizontally. The jewellery is usually a banana or a piercing ring. It is important to make sure that the ring fits properly, otherwise there is a risk that it will grow out.


A dydoe piercing is made at the edge of the glans. Ideally a banana piercing is used, but sometimes a dumbbell piercing is an option. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the right jewellery.
Our list of piercings includes the most common piercing variations and is not an exhaustive list. We also make the right jewellery for any intimate piercings that are not listed and if you are unsure, we will be happy to answer your questions.

An unusual and erotic way of wearing genital piercings are our necklaces, which are normally worn around the neck and where one side can be attached to the genital piercing.

Other special ways to accentuate a genital piercing are our ball pendants, lapis ball pendants and amethyst ball pendants. A playful variation of the pendant is our little bell, which can be recognised by a subtle sound, but is usually invisible to those around it.