Der Name Piercing-Banane bzw. Piercingbanane kommt von der gebogenen Form des Mittelstabes, der auf beiden Seiten mit Verschlussteilen, meistens Kugeln, im Piercing gehalten wird.

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Collection: Piercing Banana

Piercing Banana

Construction of the Piercing Banana

The name piercing banana or piercing banana comes from the curved shape of the centre bar, which is held in the piercing on both sides with fasteners, usually balls. The bar has a metric thread on both ends, as does the counterpart. This makes it possible to exchange clasps and bars with the same thread diameter.

Most of our piercing bananas are 1.6mm or 1.2mm thick. Piercing bananas can be manufactured in any other thickness on request.

Use of the Piercing Banana:

The main use of the piercing banana is the eyebrow piercing and the bellybutton piercing. Piercing bananas are also often worn for some piercings in the genital area (e.g. vertical clitoral foreskin piercing or Christina piercing), as well as for nipple piercings and some piercings in the ear area.

Materials used in our piercing bananas:

All our piercing bananas shown here are handmade by our goldsmiths. They are made of 750 gold (18 carat) and are available in yellow gold, white gold and red gold. The white gold is guaranteed nickel free. Many of our piercing bananas are set with diamonds or precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
Your design possibilities with our piercing bananas:

The piercing bananas shown here are just a small selection of the piercing bananas we make. For each piece you can choose the thickness of the barbell, the size of the balls, the gemstone if available and the size of the stone. If you have any other requirements, just write us an email.

Alternatives to piercing bananas:

If you prefer another type of jewellery instead of a piercing banana, there are several alternatives depending on the location of the piercing. Piercing rings or a horseshoe ring are a good choice in most cases. No matter what you choose, we will forge the right jewellery for you.