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Piercing banana with "Ring of O"

Piercing banana with "Ring of O"

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"Piercing Banana with Ring of O"

The "Piercing Banana with Ring of O" is handcrafted in our goldsmith workshop. It consists of two balls, one with the Ring of O having a diameter of 6 mm, and the counter ball with a diameter of 5 mm. The piercing bar has a thickness of 1.6 mm (can be changed upon request) and is curved. The length is customized according to your preferences.

Meaning of the "Piercing Banana with Ring of O"

In the German-speaking BDSM scene, the Ring of O is recognized as a finger ring symbol. In the book written by Pauline Réage, the main character "O" is "awarded" the ring during her "training" as a slave and worn on her finger. The current form of the "Ring-in-Ring" symbol is based on the first film adaptation in the mid-1970s. This "Ring-in-Ring" symbol is not only used for finger rings but also translates well to other jewelry pieces, such as the Piercing Banana.

Construction of the "Piercing Banana with Ring of O"

The Piercing Banana consists of a curved bar and two screw balls with diameters of 6 mm and 5 mm. The "Ring of O" is attached to the 6 mm ball.

1. Fixed "Ring of O"

The 6 mm ball is pierced, and the "Ring of O" is threaded through it. The "Ring of O" is movable, and you can determine its diameter. The advantage of this variant is that the "Ring of O" sits securely and can withstand some stress.

2. Removable "Ring of O"

The "Ring of O" is similar to a captive bead ring and is clasped into two grooves of the 6 mm lower ball. This makes it movable and can be removed, allowing the piercing to be worn without the "Ring of O." You can determine the diameter of the "Ring of O."

Usage of the "Piercing Banana with Ring of O"

Most commonly, the "Piercing Banana with Ring of O" is worn as a belly button or female intimate piercing. It is particularly suitable for the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the Christina piercing.

Materials used for the "Piercing Banana with Ring of O"

In our goldsmith workshop, we use Gold 750/000 (18 karats) for this piece of jewelry. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold, the classic gold color, and rose gold. The white gold is guaranteed nickel-free.

Specifications of this piercing:
- Handcrafted in our own goldsmith workshop
- Material: Gold 750 (White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold)
- Construction: Piercing Banana
- Two screw balls with diameters of 5 mm and 6 mm
- Length of the bar is customized upon request
- Ring of O attached to the 6 mm screw ball (The size of the "Ring of O" can be freely chosen by you)
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