Piercingringe sind der absolute Klassiker beim Piercingschmuck und eignet sich für die meisten Piercings.

Wir schmieden in unserer Goldschmiede alle Piercingringe von Hand in Gold 750/00 - viel Spaß und Inspiration beim Entdecken!

Collection: Piercing ring

Piercing rings are the absolute classic in piercing jewellery and are suitable for most piercings. All piercing rings are hand forged in 750/000 gold in our own workshop.

We fabricate gold piercing rings in a variety of styles:

  • Clamp Ball Ring
  • Screw Ball Ring
  • Segment Rings
  • Circular Barbell

The clamping ball rings are used to clamp the piercing ball. We have developed a special process that allows us to harden the gold and make it more resilient. This makes the ball very secure.

Screw ball rings have a thread worked into both the ring and the ball. This holds the ball to the ring.

A segmented ring does not have a ball, but is a continuous ring of the same material thickness from which a section (segment) can be removed. We take great care to ensure that the gold is strongly hardened.

A Circular Barbell ring has the shape of a horseshoe and is the only one of these rings with two balls. The piercing is held in place by the two balls. There is an opening between the balls.