Schmuck mit schwarzen Diamanten

In dieser Kategorie finden Sie Schmuckstücke mit schwarzen Diamanten, die meisten davon im Brillantschliff und in Weißgold 750/000 gefasst.

Collection: Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds

It is a little known fact that diamonds are not just colourless, but come in a variety of colours. Black diamonds are very special. Black diamonds are diamonds found naturally black (fancy black diamonds) or blackened by treatment, in either case the diamond is genuine.

They are characterised by their beautiful brilliance despite their black colour.

A beautiful combination is the contrast between white gold jewellery and black diamonds. Mr Big was aware of this when he gave Carrie Bradshaw a diamond ring surrounded by black diamonds in the TV series "Sex and the City", telling her that she was not like everyone else.

We have done both labret piercings, septum piercings, tunnel piercings and nipple piercings with black diamonds.

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