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Ring of O Petite

Ring of O Petite

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The Ring of O Petite is a delicate variation of the Ring of O. The O-ring is integrated into the ring band and framed with two gemstones. This ring is handcrafted in our goldsmith workshop.

It's the discreet emblem of the BDSM scene: The Ring of O. Apart from its outward symbol, it often holds deep personal significance for the wearer and often reflects the bond with their partner.

The handcrafted ring is understated and delicate, but carries a meaningful symbol for those in the know.

Offered Variations:

We offer this ring in two variations:
1. In Sterling Silver (925/000) with a black and a white diamond in brilliant cut, each weighing 0.01 ct.
2. In 14-karat Yellow Gold (585/000) with a ruby and a diamond in brilliant cut, each weighing 0.01 ct.

Additional Variations:

You can have the ring made in various precious metals and alloys. Options include Sterling Silver (925/000), 14-karat Yellow, White, and Rose Gold (585/000 and 750/000), as well as 950/000 Platinum.

For the gemstones, you have choices like white and colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Feel free to contact us, and we can discuss your ideas further.
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