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Nipple Pendant 18-Karat White Gold (750/000) with Black Diamonds

Nipple Pendant 18-Karat White Gold (750/000) with Black Diamonds

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Nipple Pendant 18-Karat White Gold (750/000) with Black Diamonds

We craft this nipple pendant with black diamonds (treated) by hand in our goldsmith workshop.

Design of the Nipple Pendant with Black Diamonds

This nipple pendant is threaded onto a piercing bar with two end pieces. The three diamonds (two round and one oval) are meticulously set by hand into the closed settings. The end pieces and the three settings are connected with movable loops. This flexibility ensures comfortable wear and a beautiful fit around the nipple.
You have the option to order the nipple pendant with or without a barbell. If you choose the version with a barbell, please specify the desired length in the provided field. The size of the two balls is 4 mm. If you prefer a different ball size, please send us an email or contact us through the inquiry form, and we will be happy to provide you with a customized offer.
Materials Used in the Nipple Pendant with Black Diamonds:

We craft the entire piece of jewelry from 18-Karat White Gold (750/000).

The black diamonds are natural diamonds that have usually been enhanced in color through heat treatment, and therefore, we label them as treated.
Usage of the Nipple Pendant with Black Diamonds:

The nipple pendant with black diamonds is designed for a nipple piercing and is attached to a barbell. You can order the barbell along with the jewelry. We are here to assist you with determining the appropriate length of the barbell if you have any questions.
Specifications of this Piercing:

    Material: 18-Karat White Gold (750/000)
        Three (two round and one oval) treated black diamonds - treated means they are genuine diamonds that have typically undergone color enhancement through heat treatment.
    Type: Pendant for a piercing barbell
    Optional Piercing Barbell:
        Barbell Thickness: 1.6 mm (variable upon request)
        Barbell Length: Custom-made according to your preferences, example given is 18 mm
        The two piercing balls have a diameter of 4 mm and are crafted from 18-Karat White Gold (750/000). We are pleased to offer other sizes upon request.
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