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24/7 Elegance Collar

24/7 Elegance Collar

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Handcrafted 24/7 "elegance" Collar

Handcrafted collar made from Sterling Silver 925 according to your measurements. This collar offers two special features: it is screwable on the side, and the Ring of O or the plug-in piece are detachable. This allows it to be worn as a permanent symbol, and with the optionally available plug-ins, it can also be discreetly integrated into everyday life or work.

Design and Materials of the Handcrafted 24/7 "elegance" Collar

The collar is made from Sterling Silver 925. The width of 5 mm gives the collar a special elegance. With a material thickness of approximately 1.8 mm, it maintains good stability.

A hinge is integrated on one side for easy and comfortable opening and wearing of the collar. The closure on the opposite side is screwable, and the matching screwdriver is included.

The Ring of O attached to the front of the collar can be unscrewed and replaced with an optional plug-in piece featuring a gemstone. This allows the collar to be worn discreetly at any occasion. Some examples of the plug-ins can be seen in the images.

The Ring of O is also crafted from Sterling Silver 925.

We craft the collar in a slightly oval shape, and it can be further adjusted to fit the neck precisely by gentle pressing. Please provide us with the neck circumference so that we can create the slave collar exactly to your specifications.

Surface of the Collar

We offer the collar in silver rhodium-plated or gold-plated options.

Rhodium-plating involves electroplating the silver with rhodium, a platinum group metal. Rhodium-plating creates a brilliant white, shiny, hard, and abrasion-resistant layer that also serves as tarnish protection.

Gold-plating refers to applying a very durable gold alloy layer up to 5 µm thick. Gold-plating should not be confused with gold coating, which deposits only a thin layer of gold (maximum 0.1-0.2 microns).

Surface Structure of the Handcrafted 24/7 "elegance" Collar

You can order the collar with various surface structures:

  • Heavily matte finish: The jewelry piece is delivered with a heavily matte surface.
  • Longitudinally matte finish: The jewelry piece is crafted with a very fine longitudinally matte surface.
  • Polished finish: The jewelry piece is delivered with a polished surface.

Specifications of this Collar:

  • Handcrafted in our own goldsmith workshop
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Optionally available in silver rhodium-plated or silver gold-plated
  • Width approximately 5 mm
  • Thickness approximately 1.8 mm
  • Surface options: heavily matte finish, longitudinally matte finish, polished finish
  • Ring of O made from Sterling Silver 925 with a polished surface
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