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Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

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Stärke Labret

Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

This exquisite Labret Stud crafted in 18-karat Gold (750/000) captivates with its flat design and the arrangement of 9 clustered round brilliant-cut diamonds. The setting style creates the illusion of a larger gemstone. The square front, combined with the nine stones, forms a stunning overall composition. We have positioned the threading on the backplate to make the piercing as thin as possible.

The Labret Stud is suitable for all lip piercings, such as Medusa Piercing, Madonna Piercing, Eskimo Piercing, and also for ear piercings like Helix, Daith, Tragus, and even "regular" earlobe piercings.

Design of the Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine":

The front of this flat Labret Stud has a thickness of only 1 mm, ensuring a high level of wearing comfort.
Material of the Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

The entire piece of jewelry is crafted in 18-karat Gold (750/000). Color options include White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold.
Used Diamonds in the Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

This Labret Stud features 9 diamonds set within it. These diamonds have a total weight of 0.045 ct. The diamonds exhibit small inclusions (SI = Small Inclusion), and their color is "fine white."
Characteristics of the Golden Labret Stud "Brilliant Nine"

    Material: 18-karat Gold (750/000) (choice of Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold)
    Round brilliant-cut diamonds, 0.045 ct fw/si
    Piercing Thickness: 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm (other thicknesses can also be produced upon request)

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