Immerse yourself in the sensual world of body art with our exclusive tunnel piercings. Our shop offers a wide range of tunnel piercings in different sizes and designs so you can find exactly what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on offering both classic and modern tunnel piercings to suit all tastes and styles.

Our piercings are made from pure gold and offer the highest level of comfort. Our piercings are unique and will add that certain something to your look.

We also have a wide range of piercings for many body parts:  Nipple piercings, genital piercings, nose/septum piercings, lip piercings, bellybutton piercings and ear piercings. Our piercings come in a variety of sizes and colours, are handmade and are perfect for people looking for that special look or 'kick'.

Experience the art of body jewellery and make a statement with our piercings.

Custom designs are no problem for us - just contact us and we will create a bespoke offer for you.

Sie haben Ideen zu Ihrem persönlichen Tunnel-Piercing? Lassen Sie es uns wissen! Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage und melden uns bei Ihnen.