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Bell Pendant with a Bell

Bell Pendant with a Bell

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Bell Pendant "Bell"

The handcrafted bell pendant is designed to be attached to a piercing. We create it in both silver and gold by hand in our goldsmith workshop. It is highly popular among BDSM enthusiasts.

As "O" in the "Story of O" receives a pendant with her Master's symbols, the bell also serves as a recognizable symbol within this context, making it a very sought-after piece of jewelry.

Construction of the Bell Pendant:

We craft the bell with a freely swinging clapper that has a ball at the bottom, producing a subtle yet perceptible sound.

The bell itself has a diameter of approximately 11 to 12 mm and a height of about 15 to 16 mm. An optimal length for the entire pendant with the clasp is around 60 mm to 70 mm. However, we are more than happy to create the bell pendant in a shorter or longer length upon your request. The chain is a very sturdy anchor chain.

Use of the Bell Pendant:

The bell pendant is perfect for attaching to an intimate piercing, and it is also occasionally hung from a ring in a nipple piercing.

This piece of jewelry has versatile applications. It is suitable for playful outings, club visits, as well as BDSM games. It's a beautiful BDSM accessory, and the element of ringing can be used in public play.

Many individuals also enjoy wearing it in combination with a slave tag in a round or oval shape.


The bell pendant can be crafted by us in silver, silver-plated silver, 14-karat gold (585), 18-karat gold (750), and in various gold colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Please note that due to fluctuating gold prices, we are more than happy to provide you with the gold price upon inquiry.

Specifications of this Piercing:

- Crafted in our goldsmith workshop
- Construction: Bell with clapper, anchor chain, and clasp
  - Length of the entire pendant: approximately 60 to 70 mm
  - Bell:
    - Diameter: 11 to 12 mm
    - Height: 15 to 16 mm
- Materials:
  - Silver
  - Silver-plated silver
  - 14-karat gold (585) (yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold) - price on inquiry
  - 18-karat gold (750) (yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold) - price on inquiry
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