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Keychain Triskele with Handcuff

Keychain Triskele with Handcuff

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Keychain Triskele with Handcuff

Handcrafted keychain made of Sterling Silver (925). The pendant features a Triskele, and the clasp is designed as a handcuff that can be opened using a spring mechanism.
Symbolism of the Triskele

The term "Triskele" originates from Greek and translates to "three-legged." It consists of three interlocked spirals and holds significant meaning within the BDSM scene. The three identical symbols can represent Top, Bottom, and Switch roles. It has also been referenced in the history of "The Story of O" by Pauline Réage.
Details of the Keychain Triskele with Handcuff:

    Handmade in our own goldsmith workshop
    Material: Sterling Silver (925)
    Design: Keychain
            Outer diameter: 27 mm
            Thickness: 2 mm
        Handcuff clasp
            Outer diameter: 26 mm
            Thickness: 5 mm
            Opening mechanism: Spring mechanism
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