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Labienspreader "Two Penises with PA"

Labienspreader "Two Penises with PA"

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Labienspreader "Two Penises with PA"

The spreader bar is designed to resemble two male phalluses with Prince Albert piercings (PA piercings) and serves as an attachment for intimate piercings. It is crafted in our goldsmith workshop.

Appearance of the Jewelry:

The spreader bar is modeled after two male phalluses with Prince Albert piercings. The two penises are soldered together in the middle. The entire piece of jewelry is solidly crafted, not hollow, making it heavy and stable.

The two PA rings serve as attachments for the piercing rings. You open the piercing rings, thread the spreader bar through, and then close the piercing rings again.

Usage of the Jewelry:

This labia spreader is designed to attach to piercings on the inner or outer labia. Please provide us with the gauge of your piercing to ensure the PA ring is the correct size. It leads to a slight spreading of the labia and pulls them downward due to the weight. An absolute attention-grabber in the club or at a nudist beach. The piece of jewelry is also suitable for play.

The labia spreader is suitable for playful nights out, club visits, as well as BDSM games. It's a stunning piece of BDSM jewelry and can be further weighted for added effect.


We can craft this spreader bar in silver, oxidized silver, silver-gilded, or in gold 333/000, 585/000, or 750/000. For the gold variations, you can choose between yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Due to the fluctuating gold prices and because the material cost largely determines the price of this piece, we would be happy to provide you with the price for the gold options if you send us an inquiry.

Alternative Jewelry:

As an alternative, our handcuff spreader bar is available, as well as various attachments like the little bell, oval or round shields, and different balls as attachments.

Specifications of this Piercing:

    Crafted in our goldsmith workshop
    Design: Two phalluses with PA piercings as a spreader bar
        Oxidized silver
        Gold 333/000 (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold)
        Gold 585/000 (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold)
        Gold 750/000 (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold)
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