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Nipple stretcher

Nipple stretcher

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Nipple Stretcher (Nipple Stretcher)

This handcrafted nipple stretcher is meticulously created in our goldsmith workshop. The nipple stretcher beautifully accentuates the nipples.
The nipple stretcher is fashioned from a ring encircling the nipples and an elevated loop, measuring approximately 11 to 12 mm, for attaching a barbell.

The nipple stretcher is designed for temporary use. Prolonged wearing can lead to injury to the piercing channel and potential piercing migration!
Design of the Jewelry Piece

The handcrafted nipple stretcher is tailored precisely to your measurements, meant to gracefully encircle and slightly stretch the nipple.
The nipple stretcher is available in standard diameters of 9 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, and 17 mm. If you desire a different diameter, please send us an email.
The height of the nipple stretcher measures approximately 11 mm to 12 mm, from the lower ring to the beginning of the attachment loop. We also offer an XL version of the nipple stretcher. If you prefer a different height, please contact us for an inquiry.
Variations of the Jewelry Piece:

The open variant has the advantage of easy threading, allowing the piercing barbell (not included) to be placed directly into the groove. There's no need to unscrew the barbell separately. This version of the nipple stretcher serves perfectly as a decorative piece and attention-grabber.

The closed variant features a closed ring at the top, requiring you to thread the piercing barbell (not included) through it. You can either remove the barbell from the nipple piercing and thread it through or keep the barbell in the piercing channel and remove both balls. Then thread the barbell through the nipple stretcher and reattach the balls. The advantage of this version is its extremely secure hold, making it ideal for playful engagement.

The nipple stretcher can be crafted in sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, and 18-karat gold (750/000) in our goldsmith workshop. For gold, you can choose from yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.
Specifications of this Piercing:

    Crafted in our goldsmith workshop
    Design: Nipple stretcher consisting of a ring encircling the nipples and an approximately 11 to 12 mm elevated loop for attaching a barbell (barbell not included)
        with an open loop
        with a closed loop
        Sterling Silver
        Gold-Plated Sterling Silver
        18-Karat Gold (Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold)
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