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Queen of spades (pique) pendant with necklace

Queen of spades (pique) pendant with necklace

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We forge our Queen of Spades (Pique) pendant ourselves in our workshop. This great piece of jewelry is a first-class distinguishing mark.

Meaning of the pendant:

The symbol comes from the hotwife scene and sometimes also from the BDSM scene and, put simply, describes a woman (usually in a relationship with a cuckold or wifesharer) who likes to have fun with other men. While she either takes on the dominant role in the relationship with her husband (cuckold) or a neutral or submissive role (wifesharer), she is submissive towards other men (usually called bulls).

It is also seen in the context that a white woman prefers to devote herself to men of color.

Design of the pendant:

The graphic symbol of spades consists of an upside-down heart symbol with the stem of a broad serif attached to the center as a base. The Q is engraved on it as a symbol for the lady.

 Materials of the pendant:

We offer the pendant in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver. The standard necklace is a 42 cm anchor chain. We would be happy to make you an offer for the pendant in 14-karat gold or 18-karat gold, whereby you can choose between the gold colors yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and red gold.
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