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Ring of O Elegance

Ring of O Elegance

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"Ring of O Elegance"

The "Ring of O Elegance" is a very elegant version of the recognition symbol within the German-speaking BDSM community. This ring is worn by the dominant partner on the left hand's ring finger when bound, and on the middle finger when unbound. The submissive partner wears the O-ring on the right hand's ring finger when bound, and on the middle finger when unbound.

Distinctive Features of the "Ring der O Elegance"

In this refined variant, we have innovatively attached the O-ring to the main ring. As a result, this handmade ring is much flatter and more comfortable to wear. It also significantly reduces the risk of getting caught on things during everyday activities. The ring's band is rounded both on the inside and outside, ensuring optimal comfort.

Ring Specifications:

- Material:
  - Prices for silver are available in the shop, while other prices are upon request.
  - Silver
  - Gold 333 (yellow gold, rose gold)
  - Gold 585 (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold)
  - Gold 750 (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold)
  - Palladium 500/000 or 950/000
  - Platinum 600/000 and 950/000
- Design: Finger ring with attached O-ring
- The size of the attached O-ring can be chosen freely by you.
- The width of the ring can be chosen between 4 mm and 6 mm in 0.5 mm increments. The standard width of 5.5 mm has proven popular.
- The laser engraving can be chosen freely by you (up to 30 characters in print letters, block letters, or cursive).
- If you have questions, please contact us.

Historical Reference of the "Ring der O"

In the novel "Story of O" by Pauline Réage, the ring is described as an iron (steel) ring with a golden rim on the inside, crafted like a signet ring with a Triskele in Niello work. "Story of O" holds significant importance in the BDSM subculture, and many individuals adhere to the rituals and practices described therein.

Quote from "Story of O":
“... The man held out a small wooden chain to her, with identical rings, and asked her to choose a ring that fit her left ring finger. They were peculiar iron rings, rimmed with gold on the inside; the broad, heavy hoop, similar to the setting of a signet ring but highly arched, bore a golden wheel with three spokes, spirally curved like the sun wheel of the Celts, in Niello work.” – Pauline Réage: "Story of O"

Symbolic Meaning of the Ring

In the European BDSM scene, the interpretation has become prevalent that wearing the ring on the left hand signifies the active role (dominant), while on the right hand it indicates the passive role (submissive). If worn on the ring finger of either the left or right hand, it suggests a committed partnership, whereas wearing it on the middle finger signifies being unattached. For some couples, it serves as a friendship ring, engagement ring, or BDSM wedding ring. The O-ring is also popular in the Gothic subculture.

Materials of the Ring

You can order this handmade ring in the following materials: Silver. These prices are also available in the webshop. Additionally, we craft the ring in gold alloys 333/000 (8 karat), 585/000 (14 karat), and 750/000 (18 karat). In 333/000, we offer the ring in yellow gold and rose gold, and in 585/000 and 750/000, we provide it in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. The ring can also be crafted in palladium and platinum. Since these precious metals are subject to daily market fluctuations, please send us an inquiry or email for the current daily rate.
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