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St. Andrew's cross pendant

St. Andrew's cross pendant

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St. Andrew's cross pendant

The St. Andrew's cross pendant is made of sterling silver and is forged by hand in our goldsmith's workshop

Meaning of St. Andrew's cross within the BDSM scene

The St. Andrew's Cross holds symbolic significance in the BDSM scene and is often used as an arousing element in various BDSM practices. It is a cross-shaped structure resembling the letter "X," typically mounted on a wall or frame and often equipped with straps or loops for restraining a person.

The exact meaning can vary, as BDSM encompasses a wide range of practices and preferences, and individuals may have their own interpretations. Generally, though, the St. Andrew's Cross is often associated with bondage, dominance, and submission. It serves as a tool to immobilize a person in a specific position, allowing the dominant partner to maintain control of the situation.

The surface of the pendant is polished and there are four markings at the corners for the holders of shackles.

We have integrated the eyelet for attaching the chain on the back of the pendant.

The entire piece of jewelry is forged in sterling silver.

Details of the St. Andrew's cross pendant:

    Handmade (not cast) by our own goldsmiths
    Material: 925 silver (sterling silver)
    Pendant with hidden eyelet

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