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The Ring of O

The Ring of O

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The Ring of O

This ring is one of the iconic symbols of the BDSM community. It's a finger ring with an additional movable ring attached to it. The name comes from "Story of O" by Pauline Réage.
Literary Reference from the "Story of O"

The "original ring" in the book is described as a signet ring with a triskele. The ring is depicted as an iron ring with a golden rim on the inside. A closed setting, similar to a signet ring, is mounted on this ring. Instead of a seal, a triskele was depicted on the ring using Niello work.
Quote from the "Story of O":

"...The man now held out a small wooden chain with identical rings and asked her to choose a ring that would fit on her left ring finger. They were strange iron rings, rimmed with gold on the inside; the broad, heavy hoop, similar to the setting of a signet ring but with a high curve, bore a golden wheel with three spokes spiraling like the Celtic sunwheel." – Pauline Réage: "Story of O"
"Ring of O" in Its Current Form:

In its present form, the ring was depicted in the first film adaptation of the "Story of O" as a ring with a rounded bar, to which a smaller movable ring is attached. The appearance is similar to that of a shackle, such as those used for slaves, animals, or prisoners.
This design quickly gained popularity in the BDSM scene and is still used as an identifying symbol within this community.
Symbolic Meaning of the Ring:

In the "Story of O," this ring was given to the main character "O" and worn on her left finger as a visible symbol of her achieved level of training.
However, its contemporary wear is quite different. Likely inspired by the "Hanky Codes" (colored handkerchiefs used to indicate preferences – worn in the left pocket indicates the wearer is active, in the right pocket indicates the wearer is passive, and wearing around the neck indicates being a switch), a ring worn on the left finger signifies the wearer is active (dominant), while on the right finger signifies the wearer is passive (submissive). Some switchers wear the ring on a necklace.
When worn on the ring finger, many interpret it to mean the wearer is in a committed relationship, while wearing it on the middle finger signifies being unattached.

We offer this ring in various materials. Prices for silver are available in the webshop. You can also order this ring from us in 8-karat gold (333/000), 14-karat gold (585/000), and 18-karat gold (750/000). In 8-karat gold, the ring is available in yellow gold and rose gold, and in 14-karat and 18-karat gold, it's available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. As the price of gold fluctuates daily, please send us an inquiry for gold prices.
Your Options:

In addition to ring size, material, and engraving, you can also freely choose the width between 4 mm and 7 mm in 0.5 mm increments. You can also freely determine the size and orientation of the smaller ring (whether it runs lengthwise or across the ring).
Specifications of the Ring:

- Materials:
  - Silver
  - 8-karat gold (333/000) – Yellow gold, rose gold
  - 14-karat gold (585/000) – White gold, yellow gold, rose gold
  - 18-karat gold (750/000) – White gold, yellow gold, rose gold
- Design: Finger ring with an attached ring
  - Size of the attached ring can be freely chosen
  - Orientation of the smaller ring can be freely chosen (lengthwise or across)
  - Width of the ring can be chosen between 4 mm and 7 mm in 0.5 mm increments
- Laser engraving can be freely chosen (up to 30 characters in block letters or cursive script)
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