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Tricolored Ring of O

Tricolored Ring of O

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"Tricolored Ring of O"

In our goldsmith workshop, we have created this handcrafted ring known as the "Ring of O," featuring a ring band composed of equal thirds of 18-karat yellow gold (750), 18-karat white gold (750), and 18-karat rose gold (750). Through this tripartite composition, similar to that of a Triskele, we have seamlessly intertwined the symbolism of these two BDSM recognition symbols into an exceptionally stylish and unique piece of jewelry.

Significance of the Three Gold Colors

The significance of the three gold colors parallels that of the three segments of a Triskele. In contemporary interpretation, the "magical number" three, which holds particular importance in Celtic mythology, plays a central role. This allows for various associations and sequences, including: • Past, Present, and Future • Birth, Life, and Death • Body, Mind, and Soul • Earth, Water, and Air in the context of the Four Elements doctrine

Significance of the Ring of O

The Ring of O serves as the identification symbol in the German-speaking BDSM scene. In Pauline Réage's "Story of O," a ring referred to as the "Ring of O" was bestowed upon the protagonist during her training. In its contemporary form, it consists of a finger ring with a smaller, movable ring attached.

Connection to the "Story of O"

In the book, the Ring of O is described as resembling a signet ring, featuring a triskele-like design on the top instead of a seal. It is an iron ring with a gold rim on the inside. A setting resembling that of a signet ring is affixed to the top of the ring. The triskele is crafted using niello work in place of a seal.

Quote from the "Story of O"

"... The man now held out a small wooden chain with identical rings and asked her to choose a ring that would fit on her left ring finger. They were peculiar iron rings, rimmed with gold on the inside; the wide, heavy hoop, similar to the setting of a signet ring but highly curved, carried a golden wheel with three spiraled spokes in niello work, like the Celtic sun wheel." – Pauline Réage: "Story of O"

"Ring of O" in its Current Form:

The current form of the "Ring of O" stems from the first film adaptation of the "Story of O" in 1975. In this adaptation, the "O" is awarded a ring as a symbol of her training level. The ring consists of a central ring with a rod or ball attached. Within this rod or ball is a hole through which a second ring is threaded, creating a movable "ring within a ring" symbolism. This symbolism of the smaller, movable ring is also seen in ring shackles used for leading or restraining slaves, animals, or prisoners.

Symbolic Significance of the "Ring of O"

In the book, Pauline Réage describes how the "O" wears the ring on her left finger as a visible symbol of her attained level of training. Thus, the ring was worn only by submissives (subs) as a symbol of their training. However, the modern interpretation differs significantly. It is highly likely that the wearing style was influenced by the Hanky Codes, which involve differently colored cloth handkerchiefs that reflect specific preferences. The method of wearing these cloth handkerchiefs plays a crucial role: Wearing them in the left pocket of one's pants signifies active preference (dominant or giving role), while wearing one in the right pocket indicates a passive preference (submissive or receiving role). Switches wear the cloth around their neck.

Applied to the "Ring of O," this means that a ring worn on the left hand signifies an active (dominant) role, while a ring worn on the right hand suggests a passive role.

Another meaning is associated with the finger on which the "Ring of O" is worn. If the ring is worn on the ring finger, many interpret this to mean that the wearer is bound, while wearing the ring on the middle finger indicates an unbound wearer.

Specifications of this Jewelry Piece:

  • Handcrafted in our own goldsmith workshop
  • Material: 18-karat gold (750) - White gold, yellow gold, rose gold
  • Design:
    • The ring band consists of equal thirds of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold
    • Finger ring with an affixed "Ring of O"
    • The size of the affixed "Ring of O" can be chosen freely by you
    • The orientation of the smaller ring within can be freely selected by you (whether it runs lengthwise or crosswise to the ring)
    • Ring width is approximately 5.5 mm (we are pleased to craft any desired width for you)
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